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100 Music Industry Contracts

Get started on the right track with our set of
100 Music Business Contracts!

Below is a list of every single contract that you'll receive when you order 

Agreement of Distribution
Agreement of Foreign Agency
Agreement to Pay
Agva Performance Contract
Artist Management Agreement 2
Artist Producer Agreement
Artist Producer Contract
Artist Record Contract
Artist Tech Rider
Assign of Copyrights
Assign of Copyrights 2
Assign of Copyrights 3
Assign of Copyrights 4
Booking Agreement 1
Booking Agreement 2
Broad Rights License
Broadcast Agreement
Broadcast Release
Cooperative Promo Agreement
Commercial Music Agreement
Composer Agreement
Composer Agreement 2
Concert Performance Agreement
Co-publishing Agreement
Short Form Copyright Assign
Copyright License 1
Copyright License 2
Employment Contract
Event Sponsorship Agreement 1
Event Sponsorship Agreement 2
Exclusive Songwriters Contract
Exc. Musician Agent Agreement
Exclusive Songwriters Contract 2
Film Sync Agreement 1
Foreign Agency Agreement
General Partnership Agreement
Independent Contractor Agmt
International Marketing Agmt 1
International Marketing Agmt 2
Joint Venture Agreement
Joint Venture Agreement 2
Limited Partnership Agreement
Artists Management Agreement 1
Artists Management Agreement 2
Artists Management Agreement 3
Artists Management Agreement 4
Artists Management Agreement 5
Artists Management Agreement 6
Master License 1
Master License 2
Master License 3
Mechanical Rights License
Mechanical License 1
Mechanical License 2
Merchandise Lic. Agreement 1
Merchandise Lic Agreement 2
Parental Consent
Partnership Agreement
Photographer Agreement
Prod Dist Promo Agreement
Producers Assistant Agreement
Producer/Manager Agreement
Producer Royalties
Producer Talent Agreement
Production Agreement 1
Production Agreement 2
Publisher/Record Co Contract
Publicity Agreement
Publisher Royalty Agreement
Publishing Agreement 1
Publishing Agreement 2
Publishing Agreement 3
Record Company Contract 1
Record Company Contract 2
Record Company Contract 3
Record Company Contract 4
Record Company Terms - Dist
Recording License
Receipt For Master 1
Receipt For Master 2
Record Co/Producer Agmt
Royalty Agreement 1
Royalty Agreement 2
Royalty Agreement 3
Royalty Agreement 4
Royalty Schedule
Sale of Property Agreement
Single Song Option
Sound/Light Contracting Agmt
Studio Contract
Songwriter Contract 1
Songwriter Contract 2
Songwriter Contract 3
Sync License
Talent Release 1
Talent Release 2
Talent Release 3
Technical Consultant
Union Booking Contract
Video Release
Vocalist Contract

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