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Get Signed to Columbia Records

Columbia Records is one of the giants in the recording industry. During their eighty years producing first records, then tapes, and finally CDs, they have signed some of the biggest names out there. If you are lucky enough to get signed to Columbia Records, you are assured of a least a certain level of success.

However, since Columbia is so huge, getting signed to Columbia Records is easier said than done. Rarely, if ever, will they take an unknown artist. You need to prove that you are not only marketable, but also a proven bet. Therefore, if you are hoping to get a deal with Columbia, there are a lot of things that you need to do. It is hard, but not impossible.

First of all, you need to know that you aren’t going to get signed to Columbia Records after you play your first gig. You need to start by building up your fan base. Play as much as you can locally. Try and get some regional tours organized. Everywhere you go, make sure that you are selling merchandise and CDs. Even if you used your home printer and computer to make your CDs, make them look as professional as possible. If your fans like your music, they will probably buy a CD and share it with their friends, therefore creating more fans.

Try to get your music played on the radio as well, especially in cities where you will be having concerts. Lots of stations like to give away free tickets as a promotional measure. Do everything you can to increase your exposure. This will help you get signed to Columbia Records as they are looking for artists with an established fan base. Columbia is there to make money, and only by signing popular artists can they accomplish their goal.

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