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Get Signed to Def Jam

Def Jam records has been producing and distributing the best hip hop music on the market since 1984. Today, some of the biggest names in the business are signed to Def Jam. Being on the same label as LL Cool J and Rihanna is most artists’ dreams. However, it is very hard to get signed to Def Jam. It is a huge label and they don’t want to even listen to an artist that isn’t well-established. Therefore, the process to get signed to Def Jam is actually the process of making it in the music business.

You need to have a good demo album if you want to get signed to Def Jam. This means you are going to have to outlay a significant amount of cash. You’ll need to buy a beat track if you can’t produce one on your own. You’ll then need to mix in your vocals in a professional manner. No matter how much it hurts your wallet, you should take the time to go a professional recording studio and get the job done right.

A professional demo will not only help you to get signed to Def Jam, but it will help you get gigs, radio play time, and perhaps get you signed to an indie label while you wait for Def Jam.

Try and get signed to an indie label before looking for a major label. This will help you distribute your CDs, build your fan base, and generally advance your career. When you sign the contract with an indie label, go over it with an entertainment lawyer so that you have an easy termination clause in case your music is heard and liked by Def Jam. After you have been building up your career for a few years, you can then submit your professional demo and hopefully get signed to Def Jam.

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