How to Make Money With Music

Get a Record Deal the Right Way

While making music is an art, the making money by making music is a business. Everyone involved in the industry from musicians to club owners to record labels are trying to get a cut of the profits from the sales of a song. Therefore, if you are merely talented but not business savvy, you could get a record deal the wrong way.

To get a record deal the right way means that not only is your music recorded and produced by a reputable company, but you still maintain the intellectual property rights to your work after the album has been produced. Never cut an album without first signing a contract. Never sign a contract for a record deal without first consulting with an entertainment lawyer. Always keep a copy of your work in a stamped and sealed postal envelope that you mailed to yourself; this establishes that the contents therein have been yours since the stamped date.

As long as you are protecting the integrity of your work and ensuring that you will get a future cut of the profits, you are getting a record deal the right way. Any other way can harm your ability to create more great music in the future.

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